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January 18, 2023

The automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technology into vehicle management systems. The IoT has revolutionized the way vehicles are monitored, managed, and connected, resulting in improved efficiency, streamlined workflows, and enhanced safety. Grep Digital allied with its partners who developed an IoT-based vehicle tracking solution as a digital channel for fleet managers around the world.

Connected Vehicles
Connected Vehicles

Client Need

The client is a startup company and needed a solution for a deterministic and managed end-to-end marketplace for goods handling/shipping. It needed a solution to track vehicle movements in real time and alert on geo-fencing, vehicle maintenance, fuel level change, driver behavior and much more.


The approach involves installing a sensor in each vehicle to track various parameters. These sensors will integrate with a standard Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which will track all vehicles, fleet managers, and dealers using them for transporting goods.

Solution Blueprint

The solution involves capturing the IoT sensor data from all the vehicles from being scheduled till the completion of the trip. A series of pre-trip health checks are performed that captures the various vehicle parameters to create a baseline information. It includes validating the last maintenance check-up reports for fuel level & efficiency. It also checks the tyre parameters are within acceptable range for the trip, engine condition, axle and brakes.

Vehicle Health check-up

Sensors: Intelligence in Vehicle Management

Sensors form the backbone of IoT in vehicle management by collecting and transmitting real-time data from various components. These sensors monitor parameters such as speed, fuel consumption, engine performance, tire pressure, and environmental conditions. Using IoT technology, these sensors communicate with each other and transmit data to a central management system. This enables fleet managers to gain insights and make data-driven decisions about vehicle performance, maintenance needs and driver behavior.

Streamlining Operations: Optimizing Operations and Efficiency

IoT in vehicle management streamlines operation by automating processes, optimizing workflows and reducing manual intervention.

Predictive maintenance

With IoT-enabled sensors that continuously monitor vehicle components, fleet managers could predict potential failures or maintenance needs. By analyzing the data collected, they proactively schedule repairs or replacement to minimize downtime. It also reduces the maintenance costs and ensure optimal vehicle performance.

Remote Diagnostics

IoT-enabled vehicle management systems enable remote diagnostics, allowing technicians to identify and fix problems. This is possible even  without having to inspect the vehicle physically. This remote access saves time and resources and results in faster problem resolution, increased vehicle uptime, and improved operational efficiency.

Asset Tracking and Optimization

The Internet of Things facilitated real-time vehicle tracking, providing accurate location information, route optimization, and efficient dispatching. Fleet managers now monitor vehicle movements, analyze historical data. They make informed decisions to optimize routing, reduce fuel consumption, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Vehicle Tracking: Predictable Delivery of Goods

Advanced tracking systems enables real-time monitoring of vehicles, allowing fleet managers to track the exact location of goods in transit. This visibility and transparency ensures predictable delivery of goods, improves customer satisfaction and enables efficient supply chain management.

Best deal at the Right Price: New Demanders for Logistics Services:

By creating a marketplace for transportation services, fleet management platforms give logistics service providers access to a network of carriers. Through competitive bidding and transparent pricing models, customers get the best deal for their transportation needs, ensuring cost optimization and efficient resource allocation.

Digitization of Driver Purchases: Reducing Coordination Risk

Streamlining driver purchasing through digital solutions reduced the risks associated with manual reconciliation processes. By integrating payment systems and expense management tools, fleet managers were able to track and manage driver expenses, ensuring accurate and timely reimbursements while minimizing the risk of errors or fraud.

Accurate Vehicle Maintenance & Fuel Cost: Help for Fleet Managers

Comprehensive reporting capabilities within fleet management platforms allow fleet managers to access and analyze key data on vehicle maintenance, fuel costs and other operational metrics. These reports provide insights into fleet performance, facilitate proactive maintenance planning, optimize fuel consumption, and highlight areas for cost savings and operational efficiency improvements.

Reduce Driver Unavailability & Load-related Documents: Online Services

Until now, managing and sharing driver and cargo documents involved physical paperwork, resulting in delays and the potential loss of documents. By digitizing these processes and providing online services, the fleet management platform enabled seamless document management, reduced the administrative burden, ensured the compliance, and improved efficiency.

A Single Platform: Integration with Complementary Services

A comprehensive fleet management platform serves as a foundation for integration with other complementary services. By working with cargo insurance providers, fuel suppliers, and lodging providers, fleet managers provided a seamless experience for their customers and gave them access to additional services such as cargo insurance, fuel purchases, and hotel accommodations for drivers. This integration increased the convenience, improved the efficiency, and fostered stronger partnerships within the logistics ecosystem.

Connected vehicles with CRM

Predictable Services for Customers: Driver Ranking and Ratings

To increase customer satisfaction and ensure predictable services, the fleet management platform introduced fleet and driver ranking and rating systems. By collecting and analyzing data on fleet performance, driver behavior, and customer feedback, this platform provided ratings and reviews that helped the customers to select the right transportation services.


Establishing a transportation marketplace via fleet management gives logistics providers reliability, predictability, and cost savings. By utilizing technology and integrating services, the platform enhances efficiency, reduces administrative tasks, and offers a seamless experience for fleet managers and customers.

Grep Digital facilitated several IoT-based solutions for customers in vehicle tracking and logistics management. Contact Grep Digital to start your digital transformation journey today.

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