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Fractal Services to Accelerate Technology Initiatives

We provide consulting and managed services for your technology business using the key levers of management experience, skilled people, technology assets, and ability to scale.

Virtual Teams

Companies find it difficult to get expertise for many new initiatives, short-term work or periodic functions. To resolve this, leverage our On-Demand Expertise in areas of Specialized Tech/Functional Skills, Program Governance, Audits, Virtual CxO functions,  Focus Projects, Due Diligence and allied consulting, and advisory services.

Digital Transformation Services

The service helps companies who are eager to take up digital transformation efforts but are cautious as it is not their core business expertise. Grep Digital helps the CxO office in executing this vision, smoothly combining interrelated functions, technology and service providers in a reliable on-demand manner, thus providing higher chance of success, with low risk

New Product Incubation Services

You’ve got a great idea and domain expertise but falling short of innovation leadership & technology resources. Grep Digital helps ideate, setup and execute using cross-domain, niche teams that help bring your vision to life in a reliable and rapid manner, with continued support through the product lifecycle

The different components are brought together in a unique Lego Block model by Grep Digital and referred to as Fractal Services.

build operate transfer dedicated software development

Micro Delivery Teams

Cross-functional expertise – aided by experienced subject matter experts, save on the time needed to form & maintain skilled teams

Ready, Reusable Code, IP

Gain time by using production tested & reusable software code and modules, supported by flexible cost and licensing models

Build, Operate, Transfer

Assign talent to shadow with our micro-teams in a number of technology and process areas, thereby grow & retain knowledge

Why Fractal Services

Old Playing Field

Scale-Driven Organization

  • Designed to go after mass-scale efforts and win global profit pools
  • Exploits scale advantage in the “core” of the business
  • Led from a powerful central office, with same-size rollouts
  • Largely Two-Way (Up-Down)
  • Focus on Contractual Control
  • Ideal for Sustenance, Hierarchical Efforts, Linear Progress

New Playing Field

Fractal Organisation

  • Designed to lead into emerging markets or micro profit pools
  • Exploits fractal advantage of speed, innovation, responsiveness
  • Led by decentralized teams, customized at the “edge”
  • Networked, Multi-flow
  • Focus on Embedded Team Play
  • Ideal for Innovations, Lateral Initiatives, Fast-Tracked Results


  • API & Automation
  • Big Data Engineering
  • B2B Integration
  • Business Algorithms
  • Business Process Mgmt
  • Cognitive Technologies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Visualization
  • DevOps
  • Digital Media
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Green Engineering
  • Industrial IoT
  • Interaction Design
  • Low code/No code
  • Mobile Applications
  • Workflows
  • SaaS Applications
  • UAV Applications
  • Web3


  • Business Architecture
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Full-stack Development
  • IT Policy & Governance
  • Identity Mgmt & Data Privacy
  • Industry & Domain Expertise
  • Learning & Development
  • Micro-services
  • Organizational Change Mgmt
  • Product Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Program Management
  • Systems Software Development
  • Solution Planning & Deployment
  • Software Defined Solutions
  • Structured & Unstructured DB
  • Test Engineering
  • Technical Due Diligence


  • AI/ML, NLP
  • AR/VR
  • Auth2, RBAC
  • Blockchain, NFTs
  • CI/CD
  • Chatbots, RPA
  • Cloud platforms
  • Decentralized Apps
  • Digital Twins
  • Embedded Systems
  • Full stack development
  • IoT, Edge Computing
  • Low-Code Platforms
  • Metaverse
  • Micro-frontends
  • Mobile natives, PWA
  • ONDC, India Stack
  • Process & Data Mining
  • Reporting and BI Tools
  • Smart Contracts
  • SQL, NoSQL, Graph DB
  • VM, Containers, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Zero-trust systems

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